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Notes from 13 months (and change)

Let it be known that at 13 months and 1 1/2 weeks Sebastian Oberg became a walker. No not a zombie, or an extra on The Walking Dead, although that has become a top contender for this years Halloween costume (if only I can figure out a way that doesn’t involve face paint). But really though this kid is up and full on walking. Sebastian Christopher Walken even. I had to shed a tear because of course I missed his true first steps (13 months and 1 day). Oh the sorrows of being a working parent. But I pushed the sad thoughts away when he finally let go of his dad’s fingers and headed towards me with his arms straight up in the air. Giggling in delight as he reached me and I enveloped him into my arms. Those tears were pure joy. Proud mama joy. Continue reading

good times

good times

Sebastian crawling around the water feature at the park, and banging on stools as drums…

Getting relief from the heat with an afternoon frozen yogurt break, looking forward to the day when we can share a treat…

Endless round of peekaboo with my hat, or the curtain, or his blanket…

Meeting daddy outside on the patio with Baz’s walker toy, him dressed in a kimono just for fun. Continue reading

I don’t know how I feel about Marissa Mayer

I admit I’d never heard her name before Monday as I am not what some would call “in the tech sector.” Still I found out pretty quickly when Marissa Mayer was named Yahoo’s CEO. I read an article talking about her rise through Google and thought “hmmm, maybe she will help Yahoo turn a corner.” It wasn’t until the next day that I found out she was pregnant. I was informed of this fact by my boss. Continue reading

Songs make me miss you too

Dear Court, I was merrily on my way home from work on a somewhat cold but sunny Friday. My brain was reeling a little from a plethora of projects I’m working on, so I put down the magazine I was reading, figuring a pop psychology ¬†wasn’t going to help me clear my head. Realizing I … Continue reading