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calling all meal planners

My meal strategy had defaulted to ad hoc, since i often had no idea of when or if we would be eating a meal together. I’m embarrassed to say there were many nights I defaulted to cheese, crackers and some form of cured meat for myself, and left Jason with nothing but fish tubes and tortillas. Now we’ll get a chance to actually all sit together and have a meal before baz’s bedtime. Couple this with the fact that the kiddo is eating more and more real food and TAA DAA. I basically have 2 men to cook for. (Side note: I have basically stolen away any autonomy Jason had in the kitchen before we started dating over a decade ago so getting him to help in the kitchen is going to take baby steps 1) for him to figure out how to do new things and 2) for me to let him in my kitchen.) Basically it’s time to dust off that old culinary school education. Once we’ve tackled the freezer items i’m ready to start with the real meal planning and fixing up my grocery shopping methods. I’m curious what are your meal planning strategies?
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