Jazz hands!

Once upon a time I was a dancer. I spent up to twenty hours a week at a small studio taking ballet classes and teaching small children how to plié. It was a part of me, and truly something I loved to do. But somewhere in between filling out college applications, figuring out student loans … Continue reading

the corners of my mind

I sit and i read other peoples stories. Their words, their lives. and I think I know them or relate to them, but sometimes i realize that I really only know the piece of them that they share with the internet and it might even be taking away from me really living my life. Telling … Continue reading

Summer breeze makes me feel fine

This weekend was one for the memory books. A rare combination of perfectly sunny days and low humidity allowed me to scratch my itch to get out around the city. Parks, pools and beaches; the return of old friends. The days were gloriously long and reminded me what summer is all about. Continue reading

Internal struggle

I can get swallowed up by alternatives. The grass is greener syndrome of always wanting what you don’t have. How do you differentiate day dreams vs real life “let’s make this happen” dreams? Does the fantasy ever live up to the reality? Continue reading

Notes from a Holiday Weekend

Our Fourth of July weekend was pretty special. Wednesday night we put Sebastian in his jammies and let him slumber while we drove up the coast of Lake Michigan to a family cabin in Door County. Jason’s parents were there waiting for us, and my parents arrived the next afternoon. For the next few days, … Continue reading

Dear Baz // 10 months

Dear Baz // 10 months

Dear Sebastian, On Sunday you turned 10 months old. I know it’s been a few months since I’ve written you a letter and man have those months have been a blur. In April we took you on your first plane ride and you handled it wonderfully. I was anxious about traveling with an infant for … Continue reading

seeing light

Outside the world seems to be going to shit (my thoughts are with Boston and Texas, and anyone affected by the flooding here in IL). It’s been a good week on our little homestead. I needed a good week. On Monday night Sebastian slept from around 8 pm to just after 6 am. It was … Continue reading

goodness and mercy

another one of our students passed away a few weeks ago, and his memorial was today.  it sucked a big one–it was rainy and cold and dreary, and all who eulogized him talked about how passionately in love with his fiancee he was.  pretty heartbreaking to think about as a wife.  and the baby was … Continue reading


so a while ago this happened.  and i didn’t read about it until yesterday, when this happened. here’s the thing.  i was raised to have a very strong belief in equality.  i’m not sure why my parents, especially my mom, felt so strongly about it–if it’s because of detroit’s storied past of racial strife or … Continue reading