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Things to remember

Oh hey. I now have a one year old! Was there an interruption in the space time continuum? Because I don’t really know how that went by so quickly, and I’m not really happy about the fact that time just seems to be speeding up as I get older. slow down time. Also i’d like … Continue reading

In sickness

After a fairly routine afternoon walk I drank a cup of water. My stomach instantly unsettled and felt as though the water was a pile of stones sitting firmly in my belly. Solid and heavy. I fought the idea of getting sick for several hours, but after the baby went to bed the thought and sight of food suddenly pushed me over the edge and I clung to the porcelain throne on and off for the rest of the night. Continue reading

guilt punches

But then there’s a part of me that feels like on the road of life i’m driving around with no destination and i’m stuck in traffic. Then my heart is punched with guilt because why isn’t this enough? Jason comes home from work and talks about how much he missed Baz during the day and i think it must be nice to be able to miss him. Just a little bit. Guilt punch number two. Continue reading

gimme more (inspiration)

sar, you’ve been so good about posting here, and i’ve been terrible.  it’s partially because when i write, i’m even more apt to bear my soul than when speaking.  and that’s a lot.  and it’s not always conducive to a functioning adult life to commit to paper (er, interweb) every thought you have slipping through … Continue reading

Organic Matters

I went to an expectant parent meeting a few weeks ago that was called “Convert Me Baby”. The focus was on green parenting and learning about earth friendly products and methods and why they are better for your child. I’ve always been a bit of a hippie at heart, so I wasn’t necessarily going the … Continue reading

passion vs. purpose

passion vs. purpose

Cut to a couple years after graduation when I became really interested in cooking. After absorbing hours of the Food Network and other cooking shows I decided this would be the trajectory that my “big career change” would take. I imagined myself as the NEW Rachel Ray. Hosting cooking shows about healthy eating and teaching people how to eat well. It was a far cry from my job in insurance, and that is what I liked about. So I enrolled in a part-time personal chef certificate program, and set about learning how to handle a professional kitchen. I had more passion about cooking than I’d really had about anything before, and I could see this passion leading to fulfilling the elusive “purpose” I’d been trying to define for myself. Continue reading