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Good morning, HULKSMASH.

  7:48 am …things are going swimmingly. The baby is fed and dressed and playing happily while I finish eating and packing up for work. Jason asks if he can get a ride to work. “Sure!” I say happily. Bossman is out so its no big deal if I’m a little late. Time to get … Continue reading

Hormones are Stupid

I’ve never been happier than I was the weeks just following the birth of my son. Everything came pretty easy. Delivery was shockingly quick, breastfeeding worked and the baby was thriving. I was filled with a euphoria like I’d never felt. I laughed like I haven’t laughed in years. Even in a profoundly sleep deprived state, life was bliss. The autumnal days were long and sunny and punctuated with the intoxicating newborn aroma. There were rough days for sure. In particular I remember dreading nights when in knew I was facing many wake ups, but then the sun would come up nice and early and I would be eager to start another day. In general I only had brief moments of anxiety, usually over the fact that things were so perfect something was bound to go wrong.
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Dear Baz // 5 months

Dear Baz // 5 months

Dear Sebastian, You’re five months now and I am in awe of how quickly time passes. Every week seems to bring on new changes. You’ve lost some of that “baby” look on your face and sometimes I’m startled by how much you look like a little boy. You’re quite the smiley guy and I’ve gotten … Continue reading

It’s been a good year

I was all ready to post about Sebastian being 5 months today, but then Jason surprised me with this video this morning for my 30th birthday and I just can’t not share this.

Making a Change

“Many of us who aren’t farmers or gardeners still have some element of farm nostalgia in our family past, real or imagined: a secret longing for some connection to a life where a rooster crows in the yard.” – Barbara Kingsolver “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” Before I went to culinary school I read a lot of … Continue reading

Doing stuff

It’s January in Chicago. It’s COLD. I’m home with a four month old baby. What do you do when you can’t really go out, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do while you’re in either? I’m resorting to watching too many movies and spending a lot of time on the internet while the baby naps. Continue reading

Dear Baz // 4 months

Dear Sebastian, I spent my first night away from you this month. While I hoped I would embrace the sleep I was sure I would get, I still found myself awake several times at night worried about how it was going at home and just missing holding you in my arms. You must have been … Continue reading


I know I’m due for a 4 month update on Mr. Baz. That’s in the works. For now I just wanted to pop in and put to paper (err screen) that my main resolution for 2013 is to write more. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to create this space even though it’s … Continue reading

Dear Baz // 3 Months

Dear Baz // 3 Months

  Dear Baz, Fourteen weeks ago today we brought you home from the hospital, now you are 3 months old. A quarter year. A season. The weather has turned from colorful autumn to barren winter. You have morphed from a wiggly fragile newborn, to a robust chunky baby. Everyday you show us more of your … Continue reading

guilt punches

But then there’s a part of me that feels like on the road of life i’m driving around with no destination and i’m stuck in traffic. Then my heart is punched with guilt because why isn’t this enough? Jason comes home from work and talks about how much he missed Baz during the day and i think it must be nice to be able to miss him. Just a little bit. Guilt punch number two. Continue reading