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Notes from 13 months (and change)

Let it be known that at 13 months and 1 1/2 weeks Sebastian Oberg became a walker. No not a zombie, or an extra on The Walking Dead, although that has become a top contender for this years Halloween costume (if only I can figure out a way that doesn’t involve face paint). But really though this kid is up and full on walking. Sebastian Christopher Walken even. I had to shed a tear because of course I missed his true first steps (13 months and 1 day). Oh the sorrows of being a working parent. But I pushed the sad thoughts away when he finally let go of his dad’s fingers and headed towards me with his arms straight up in the air. Giggling in delight as he reached me and I enveloped him into my arms. Those tears were pure joy. Proud mama joy. Continue reading

calling all meal planners

My meal strategy had defaulted to ad hoc, since i often had no idea of when or if we would be eating a meal together. I’m embarrassed to say there were many nights I defaulted to cheese, crackers and some form of cured meat for myself, and left Jason with nothing but fish tubes and tortillas. Now we’ll get a chance to actually all sit together and have a meal before baz’s bedtime. Couple this with the fact that the kiddo is eating more and more real food and TAA DAA. I basically have 2 men to cook for. (Side note: I have basically stolen away any autonomy Jason had in the kitchen before we started dating over a decade ago so getting him to help in the kitchen is going to take baby steps 1) for him to figure out how to do new things and 2) for me to let him in my kitchen.) Basically it’s time to dust off that old culinary school education. Once we’ve tackled the freezer items i’m ready to start with the real meal planning and fixing up my grocery shopping methods. I’m curious what are your meal planning strategies?
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Things to remember

Oh hey. I now have a one year old! Was there an interruption in the space time continuum? Because I don’t really know how that went by so quickly, and I’m not really happy about the fact that time just seems to be speeding up as I get older. slow down time. Also i’d like … Continue reading

Say my name

For about a minute, Sebastian called me “mama”. That turned into “nana” which now appears to mean any kind of food or beverage and I usually have to point to several things before I guess the right one. “nana” “bottle?” “naaana” “puffs?” “naaaaaaaana!” “water? blueberries? banana? bread? This delicious mix of [insert homemade baby food … Continue reading

tough stuff

What I’m working through is tough because the root of the story isn’t my own. For those of you who don’t know, Courtney lost her full term son just over a month ago shortly after delivery. She is bravely writing here about her life now, and I am in awe of her ability share with such candor, raw truth and especially her humor. She has always been one of the funniest people i know and I am so glad this unfathomable experience hasn’t taken that quality away from her. Each post bridges the thousands of miles between us and helps me feel a little bit closer to her and I’m am so so grateful for that. Continue reading

good times

good times

Sebastian crawling around the water feature at the park, and banging on stools as drums…

Getting relief from the heat with an afternoon frozen yogurt break, looking forward to the day when we can share a treat…

Endless round of peekaboo with my hat, or the curtain, or his blanket…

Meeting daddy outside on the patio with Baz’s walker toy, him dressed in a kimono just for fun. Continue reading

sleep cycle

Sebastian is in full rebellion mode after I spent Thursday and Friday night away from him. I guess it could be separation anxiety after I was away the longest I ever have been. Funny thing is every one talks about what a good baby he is when he’s not with me, so I feel like … Continue reading

scoot scoot

Last night Jason took the baby up to his parents so we can spend tonight celebrating and may be get to sleep in past five in the morning tomorrow. Side note: I don’t think I ever want to stop referring to Baz as “the baby”. It feels like the most appropriate moniker for him most … Continue reading


It was a beautiful summers day exactly five years ago and I was on my way to start the festivities I had been planning for nearly a year. I had spent the last few days surrounded by my sisters and best friends mostly feeling high from all the love before the occasional stress of final … Continue reading