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goodness and mercy

another one of our students passed away a few weeks ago, and his memorial was today.  it sucked a big one–it was rainy and cold and dreary, and all who eulogized him talked about how passionately in love with his fiancee he was.  pretty heartbreaking to think about as a wife.  and the baby was … Continue reading


so a while ago this happened.  and i didn’t read about it until yesterday, when this happened. here’s the thing.  i was raised to have a very strong belief in equality.  i’m not sure why my parents, especially my mom, felt so strongly about it–if it’s because of detroit’s storied past of racial strife or … Continue reading

suck on that, NYP.

i got a request, thanks to a facebook friend who i worked with in PR, to do a story on post-Sandy babies.  edgar and i had planned to try to conceive in October–it really had nothing to do with the hurricane. but the prospect of being in the papes, like the newsies say, was appealing, … Continue reading


i’m about to put aside all sarcasm and other tools i use to prevent myself from being emotionally honest and say, being pregnant can seriously suck a big one sometimes. i never thought i would actually have a pregnant glow.  i was shocked when i read that was a real thing and not just something … Continue reading

things i say (more) now that i’m pregnant

“i want my fucking colace.”  i know you’re thinking, courtney, how often did you say that pre-pregnancy?  um, more than the average bear.  i find there’s a girl, interrupted quote for almost every moment in your life, and here’s one that i didn’t know would come in handy so often.  in the past, i usually … Continue reading

presenting: things sara shouldn’t name her baby

gene pulpot spike uvula cody sandwich lucifer brick soupy crazy old maurice chauncey (either was or should’ve been the name of that dog in Pocahontas) igor mort balki bartokomous thor keith unusual names that i would nevertheless support: kermit laszlo fidel ebenezer (100% primed for a comeback) atticus (though i’m kind of holding that one … Continue reading

gimme more (inspiration)

sar, you’ve been so good about posting here, and i’ve been terrible.  it’s partially because when i write, i’m even more apt to bear my soul than when speaking.  and that’s a lot.  and it’s not always conducive to a functioning adult life to commit to paper (er, interweb) every thought you have slipping through … Continue reading

little buddha kids.

little buddha kids.

when i was in school, i took a class for my program called “social objects” which explored the social value, messages, and implications of various objects (e.g. why do you throw away a shirt because it has a hole or a stain?  does it stop working because it’s stained?  what message do we send and … Continue reading