About Us

There once was a time when Sara and Courtney were roommates in Chicago. Together they’d spend hours on their dumpy thrift store couch listening to music, writing in their journals and inspiring one another. Time marched on. College ended. Both girls got married and began their “adult” lives.  Hide Your Breakables is an effort to get back to those writing sessions, reconnect old friends and maybe write something other people think is worth reading.

Sara lives in Chicago with her husband Jason and son Sebastian. She drinks a case of La Croix water a week, and wishes she had a pocket sized Warren Buffet as a pet.

Courtney lives in New York with her husband Edgar who is affectionately called The Burrito. They like to dress up their cats Pablo (affectionately dubbed P-man) and Zooey in sombreros, business suits, and chicken costumes.  The cats are non-plussed; their parents are thrilled.

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