Notes from 13 months (and change)

Let it be known that at 13 months and 1 1/2 weeks Sebastian Oberg became a walker. No not a zombie, or an extra on The Walking Dead, although that has become a top contender for this years Halloween costume (if only I can figure out a way that doesn’t involve face paint). But really though this kid is up and full on walking. Sebastian Christopher Walken even. I had to shed a tear because of course I missed his true first steps (13 months and 1 day). Oh the sorrows of being a working parent. But I pushed the sad thoughts away when he finally let go of his dad’s fingers and headed towards me with his arms straight up in the air. Giggling in delight as he reached me and I enveloped him into my arms. Those tears were pure joy. Proud mama joy.

This weekend as he suddenly started making his way all around the apartment.  I could almost see the walls closing in on us as I realized how much smaller our place is going to feel with him walking all around.  He’s such a big boy these days. Still, every once in a while a get a moments worth of baby. Like when he’s wrapped up on a towel like a burrito after a bath and lets me snuggle him for a few precious minutes.  Other notes from 13 months I will hold on to forever and ever and always.

  • He catches a glimpse of me getting milk out for his sippy cup and instantly rolls over in anticipation of his “nana”. I have to be careful about this now as one time he was sitting on the couch and rolled himself right off.
  • if ever there is a surface high enough to hide behind it is ripe for Peak-a-boo. The boy likes to hide from mama.
  • We’re still working on getting him to say “mama”. It’s become a game where I prompt him a good several times to greet me with mama or mommy. Always to receive a sly faced “dada” in response. I get this feeling he’s toying with me on purpose.
  • I taught him to sit back and relax with his hands clasped behind his head, so now he shows off this trick in the high chair, sitting on the couch, and even climbing into his bouncy seat that his much to small for him, and yet still hanging out in our living room as a fun thing to climb on.
  • After discovering that i make a rather good elephant impression, he now responds to my noise with a giggle and lifts his hand in the air like an elephants trunk.
  • Currently his favorite book is Dracula specifically the 3rd page, which he will flip to over and over again just to hear his dad or I howl like a wolf. He even makes his own squeak to join in on the fun.
  • His natural habitat continues to be standing at the window looking out at the city. Even a furniture rearrangement can’t deter this guy from climbing up to gaze upon the buildings and the cars.

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