aaaaaand that happened.

Jason lost his job today. A complete shock to him and I’m guessing the other 14 or so other people his company had to let go. I mean 2 months ago he had a great review and got a raise, soooooo…

We’re lucky. lucky i kept my job when there were days that i wanted more than anything to stay home with my baby. Lucky we have savings and they offered a generous severance. lucky to already have potential options for the future.

We’ve just been tossed from our comfort zone. One we have lamented about maybe staying in too long anyway. We’ve had a plan to transition “in 2 years” for oh I don’t know maybe 4, 5 or 6 years now. It’s just been so easy to stay.


My sisters and I are standing on the edge of a bridge over a small river surrounded by woods. Below us the water rushes not at white water level but with a current strong enough to intimidate us. We know the water is deep enough that jumping is safe, but it feels high. I’m bouncing my knees. Not able to bring myself to push with enough force to launch my feet into the air. Each time i get close my legs lock and I take i deep breath and try to mentally prepare to let myself go. Finally, someone behind me nudges be forward and I’m flung into the water scared out of my mind. I find my way to the surface and paddle against the current fiercely screaming “i can’t swim! I can’t swim!” Until my hand connects with a rope hanging off the bridge and I pull myself to the side. Safely on a rock by the riverside I realize that was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had. I climb up the bridge and continue to jump and swim and jump and swim each time feeling nearly the same adrenaline as when I was pushed. I might never have had the courage to jump on my own.


So we just got pushed. And I’m scared, but also maybe a little excited.

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