Things to remember

Oh hey. I now have a one year old! Was there an interruption in the space time continuum? Because I don’t really know how that went by so quickly, and I’m not really happy about the fact that time just seems to be speeding up as I get older. slow down time. Also i’d like more of you please.

I’ll get some birthday pics up soon and a summary of our lovely weekend, but i was just thinking about how much of a milestone the completion of this year is for us as parents. Maybe even more so than it is for the baby. i mean sure, he can now eat pretty much all the food, and get into just about everything around the house, and maybe even kind of communicate a little bit. But oh the things I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been a mom. It’s hard to recognize them in the sleep deprivation haze of new parenthood. But since hindsight is clearer and at the moment fresh-ish I don’t want to let these thoughts go.  I’m certain there are so many things I have yet to learn since I’m still absolutely in the novice level of the parenting game. But i like to be able to look back on who i was a year ago and see real change. Most of these are just notes on things I’ve realized i need to continue to develop in this work of progress we call life.

– slow down. everything is never going to be “done”, so rushing doesn’t get you to the finish faster or anything.

– While your at it, try just doing one thing at a time once in a while.

– let your partner do things his way. Their way might even be (gasp!) better than yours.

– it’s ok to forget things.

– Embrace the good moments. Forget the bad ( or laugh about them later).

– While being a new parents has unequivocally changed you forever, you are still you. And it’s ok if you’re still figuring out who that is.

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