scoot scoot

Last night Jason took the baby up to his parents so we can spend tonight celebrating and may be get to sleep in past five in the morning tomorrow. Side note: I don’t think I ever want to stop referring to Baz as “the baby”. It feels like the most appropriate moniker for him most of the time. Sure I call him by his name and nicknames, but for some reason when I’m talking about him to other people he is still just “the baby”. Does this habit ever go away? Like maybe when he heads off to college?

Anyhoo, so with J and the baby headed toward the comfort of grandma and grandpa’s I headed out on my scooter to celebrate my friend Kris’ last night as a single lady. I really haven’t ridden my scooter much since really before I was pregnant, and last night made me realize how much i missed it. The air was crisp with the promise of fall. Cool enough for me to wear a sweater.

When Jason gave me the scooter as a 1 year anniversary gift he presented the glossy brochure to me before we could get to the dealership to pick out the real thing. I remember there was a photo of a couple riding through a city intersection at dusk, the woman carrying a grocery bag on her side. I don’t know what it was about that photo that got to me, but it epitomized how I expected to feel when I rode through the city on the scooter I’d been coveting for years. The scooter let me harness the city and make it my own. No waiting for busses or trains; the ability to skirt around traffic. I remembered that image last night as I went through the intersection of Grand and Milwaukee just after the sun had set and the city lights were coming alive. This is the city that I loved. 

I realized how differently I’ve been looking at the city since I mostly traded the scooter for a CR-V with a car seat. Scooting last night brought a little piece of me back. The “me” that gets buried when you’re a new mom, and you think might be gone forever. But it’s not. 

I returned home to an empty house. I didn’t have to worry about having too many lights on or having the TV turned up too loud. The solitude is allowing me to recharge.  This morning I got to sleep in until 7:30 when the cat decided to lay on my head because she wanted her breakfast.  I’ve had 2 (!) cups of coffee without having to microwave it for a warm up even once. I get to spend the day surrounded by friends setting up for a celebration of love and tonight I get to dance with my husband like we danced together five years ago.  Happy weekend everyone. 

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