It was a beautiful summers day exactly five years ago and I was on my way to start the festivities I had been planning for nearly a year. I had spent the last few days surrounded by my sisters and best friends mostly feeling high from all the love before the occasional stress of final preparations would swoop around and kick me in the ass. A few nights earlier we had kicked off the pre-celebration with a drag queen party and then spent some time the next day recovering in front of Father of the Bride. As we drove towards Lake Michigan, I remember feeling eager to just become a wife already. Party planning wasn’t really my thing, but I was really looking forward to being a married couple with the man I’d already shared more than 5 years of my life with.

We didn’t have much of a plan for our first five years of marriage. Since we’d already been together for a long time there wasn’t a major adjustment like moving in with each other. Of course like all newlyweds, there were (fleeting) moments when embracing the commitment was a challenge. Parenthood added more stress to the mix than anything I could have possibly imagined. But it also released a new level of honesty as we transformed from individuals as partners into a family unit. We leaned into each other and I think our relationship gets stronger every day.

On the eve of our 5 year anniversary, as I reflect on the last five years together. I thought it would be fun to summarize each year in five words.

Year 1 (08-09): We’re Married! i love you.
Year 2 (09-10): I know! I’ll become a chef.
Year 3 (10-11): Visit Asia. Get me pregnant!
Year 4 (11-12): My belly keeps getting bigger
Year 5 (12-13): New parenthood makes marriage hard

Tomorrow we not only get to personally celebrate our love and years together, but also witness two of our best friends take the plunge in what they are fittingly calling LoveFest.  I can’t wait to kick off the next five years.

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