Jazz hands!

Once upon a time I was a dancer. I spent up to twenty hours a week at a small studio taking ballet classes and teaching small children how to plié. It was a part of me, and truly something I loved to do. But somewhere in between filling out college applications, figuring out student loans and choosing a major, I let that part of me die away. I convinced myself that since I wasn’t good enough to dance professionally it wasn’t worth continuing. I never considered letting it be a hobby.

Lately I’ve been thinking about finding an adult ballet class to help me get my groove back, and finally get back into shape post baby. I tried one of those Barre classes that are all the rage these days, but it lacks the grace and flow that i so love about the real thing. I still need to investigate the offerings around town for this, but in the meantime on Monday night I got a tiny bit of a dance fix. In the form of Jazzercise.

Yes, Jazzercise is still a thing.  They even offer classes at the gym in Wicker Park.  My friend Laura became and instructor a few years ago and when she was working to be certified some friends and I help her practice teaching her routine in her dining room. In between laughs and Christina Aguilera’s Bionic we actually got in a pretty good workout. Cut to Monday night when we all decided it was time to do up Jazzercise for real.


It was a little Jane Fonda, and a whole lot of fun. The gym was a cacophony of echoes, and there was no mirror to see exactly how silly we actually look. Thank God. Oh my goodness the flailing. I don’t even know where my coordination went. But! I got in a decent workout some laughs, and may be a step closer to finding the dancer within me again.

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