Summer breeze makes me feel fine

This weekend was one for the memory books. A rare combination of perfectly sunny days and low humidity allowed me to scratch my itch to get out around the city.  Parks, pools and beaches; the return of old friends. The days were gloriously long and reminded me what summer is all about.


Friday Sebastian took his first subway ride and we met Jason for lunch downtown. On a grassy knoll in the shadow of the NBC tower we chowed on some delicious meatball food truck fare. After we let Baz say hi to a few a J’s coworkers, he and I set out on the magnificent mile where he generously slept while I got in a shopping fix and then walked along the lakeshore towards home. We took our time getting home sweet Baz and I, stopping to enjoy a snack and some shade. Then we adventured on to the Farm at Lincoln Park Zoo and visited the goats and cows. Eventually we strolled on home where he crashed early and the Jason brought me dinner.


Saturday morning Jason had a bit of work to get done so the family headed back downtown by his office.  Baz and I explored Olive Park and a bit of Navy Pier before the crowds started driving me a little crazy. We retreated to the office where Baz ran amuck in the hallways. For lunch we found what is sure to be a new favorite restaurant right around the corner from our house that we somehow have missed the last 4 months since it opened. We could have called it a day after that and I’d been happy, but we stepped it up and notch and accepted a friends offer to get in some pool time. As the day turned into evening we floated and celebrated the return of dear friends.  That night I was so filled to the brim with content that I could barely keep my eyes open past 9 pm. And you know what I let myself do? Go. To. Sleep. I got more than 8 hours (!)  that night and on Sunday I felt like I could take over the world. Or at least venture to a city beach.

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 1.11.50 PM

Sunday, after a morning brunch out with a napping babe, we again donned our suits and set off to Montrose beach where we thought maybe the crowds wouldn’t be quite as heinous as the beaches closer to home. We thought wrong, but that didn’t stop us from getting a dip in the refreshingly cool lake. Baz clung to me as we waded out at first but I think we have a beach baby on our hands. I can’t wait to get him to the family cottage in a couple weeks.

I feel refreshed and recharged and more ready to take on the week than I’ve felt for a while. Which is good, cause the heat and humidity are coming back with a vengeance according to the local weather. Stay cool out there.

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