Notes from a Holiday Weekend

Our Fourth of July weekend was pretty special. Wednesday night we put Sebastian in his jammies and let him slumber while we drove up the coast of Lake Michigan to a family cabin in Door County. Jason’s parents were there waiting for us, and my parents arrived the next afternoon. For the next few days, Sebastian basked in the attention of 6 adults who had nothing to do but love on him.

Turns out 10 months old have a pretty good memory? I have no science to back this up, but the last time Sebastian saw my parents was just about a month ago. Yet, as soon as my dad walked in this weekend Baz started making a clucking nose with his tongue – a quirk my dad had been encouraging him to do when they spent time together last. Seeing the two of them share their special language was pretty dang adorable.

We picked up a new walker toy to encourage Baz to spend more time on his feet. At our house he’s a decent cruiser around the cabinets and couches, but he’s not a big fan of walking around holding on to people’s hands.  He was a quick study with his new toy.  Pretty soon he was navigating from the carpeted living room into the linoleum kitchen flooring without even a pause. Full laps around the house came soon after. He picked up on how to steer pretty quickly too, learning to pull back and reposition the walker into a new direction whenever he bumped into an object. It wasn’t long before he was forcibly removing our hands from trying to help him. I have a feeling this toy will have him walking independently within a few weeks.

The rest of our time up north was spent sipping white wine, eating delicious food, exploring cute little towns, and even getting in a little beach time. The lake itself was cold, and that made it a little hard to spend much time under the canopy with Sebastian. His idea of beach fun is still just putting sand in his mouth. There isn’t a bath tub there either so the shower facilitated baby clean up was quite the trial.  He screamed a lot. Enough to almost make me think the beach time wasn’t even worth it. But really it was. Just to be surrounded by everyone drinking in the warm summer sun.

Yesterday it was back to the reality of it being just me and the babe all the live long day. Stack that on top of a couple nights of crap sleep,  toss in a rainy morning and you’ve got a recipe for one of those days that is just a struggle to get through. And then this morning  I woke up having to go back to work and I couldn’t hold back the tears as I packed up Sebastian to head to the nanny. You see, being with him all day alone is hard sometimes, but leaving him can be even harder.

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