Dear Baz // 10 months

Dear Sebastian,

On Sunday you turned 10 months old. I know it’s been a few months since I’ve written you a letter and man have those months have been a blur.


In April we took you on your first plane ride and you handled it wonderfully. I was anxious about traveling with an infant for weeks beforehand, but you took it all in stride. Even the 2 hour delay. You enjoyed flirting with the other passengers and even managed to fall asleep in my arms on each flight. While in Florida you swam in your first swimming pool (not actually that fun for you yet), and sat in the soft white sand (before you decide to eat it almost immediately).


In May your dad had his first solo night with you while I celebrated your Aunt’s upcoming wedding. I love seeing the bond between the two of you grow stronger as you become less and less of a baby. Part of me wants to hold onto your babyhood forever and ever, but I know your father is anxious to start fostering your growth and education beyond just diapers and bottles. Of course I am too. I just also enjoy the baby snuggles and giggles an awful lot. Conversations, and playing catch and all the things that will come with you growing up will be heaps of joy.

In June we really hit the road. Starting off in Geneva, Illinois for your Aunt Christine and Uncle Marc’s wedding, and then hopping a plan to Colorado for you to meet your cousin Piper. Again you handled all the travel extremely well. Although you were a bit more of a wiggle worm on the flight to Colorado. You showed no affect from the high altitude, and napped and slept like a champ while we were away. One highlight of the trip was when your dad discovered that you’re a big fan of hide-and-go-seek. He would run and hide behind a chair or ottoman and you  would crawl over to find him and erupt in shrieks of joy as he popped up his head. It was so much fun to be surrounded by family, and it makes me yearn for you to grow up with noisy holidays and crazy aunts and uncle’s always nearby like I did.


All the while you’ve been trying new foods every few days.  There isn’t much we’ve given you that you haven’t been a fan of, but your favorite is pretty much anything mixed with cottage cheese. Probably because you still don’t have any teeth. You keep with the drooling and the occasional fussiness, and yet nothing seems to be popping through those gums. Maybe one day I’ll wake up to you with a tooth-filled grin.

Somewhere along the line you started saying “Mama” and “Dada”.  Although you don’t seem to grasp the meaning of the syllables – I’m pretty sure ‘Mama” just means you want some food – these are still such wonderful words to hear.  I am so excited for you’re vocabulary to start blossoming, and the days when you can actually ask for what you want. Sure it will take us a while to get there, but I’m looking forward to the ride.

By the way, you’re finally sleeping better. There was a time when I didn’t think you’d ever wake up fewer than 3 times a night, but you now regularly get a good 9-10 hour stretch. You’ve gone through a few phases where you’ve enjoyed waking up super early only to go back down for an early morning nap shortly after making sure I was up for good. It’s gotten me to jump start my day on the lovely summer mornings, but it makes it hard for me to stay awake much past 9 pm.


More often than not these days I call you Bubba or Bubs, which both seem to be the perfect nickname for you right now as most of your time around the house is spent without pants. You used to really enjoy helping me make the bed, or at least when I would toss you onto the comforter and pull the sheets around you. But alas you seem to have already grown tired of this game. I’ll work on finding a new favorite thing to play with you and keeping you entertained.

You have started a habit of crawling up to me and as soon as I swing your legs around my hips you nuzzle your head onto my shoulder with a huge grin on your face. This might be my favorite thing. Ever. And this morning as I waved to your dad while I held you, you started waving too. We both pretty near fell over in excitement. Every day seems to be a something new with you and I’m trying hard not to blink so I don’t miss anything.


Mama (aka The One Who Gives You the Food)

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