Posted in April 2013

seeing light

Outside the world seems to be going to shit (my thoughts are with Boston and Texas, and anyone affected by the flooding here in IL). It’s been a good week on our little homestead. I needed a good week. On Monday night Sebastian slept from around 8 pm to just after 6 am. It was … Continue reading

goodness and mercy

another one of our students passed away a few weeks ago, and his memorial was today.  it sucked a big one–it was rainy and cold and dreary, and all who eulogized him talked about how passionately in love with his fiancee he was.  pretty heartbreaking to think about as a wife.  and the baby was … Continue reading


so a while ago this happened.  and i didn’t read about it until yesterday, when this happened. here’s the thing.  i was raised to have a very strong belief in equality.  i’m not sure why my parents, especially my mom, felt so strongly about it–if it’s because of detroit’s storied past of racial strife or … Continue reading