Dear Baz // 6 Months

sebastian in box

Dear Sebastian,

As i write this you are napping (finally) in your stroller parked in our kitchen, after we took a nice long walk in the frosty chicago weather. generally speaking, you are not a good napper, but this ones creeping up over the 1 hour point so things are looking up. this morning was a different story when you fought me hard as i tried to get your over tired self to sleep in your crib after an ill-fated attempt to lull you to sleep on the way to the grocery store. we got the groceries fine. we did not get a nap.

i think you have trouble sleeping during the day because you see so much you want to explore. you’re full on crawling now, although sometimes you drop down to an army scoot since it gets you around a little bit faster. we took you to your grandparents last weekend and with the extra space to wander around you pretty much tripled your speed in one afternoon. once you reach an object it is immediately subject to a full investigation by your mouth. soon though, its on to the next item to discover.

you don’t like laying on your back. ever. especially not during diaper changes which has been making them difficult. i’m tempted to just let you run around nekkid, but that would probably just make a mess. its a good thing your little baby butt is so cute. i’ll work on mastering the upside down diaper snap.

you’re growing big and strong and eating like a champ (85% for height). you’re not a huge fan of peas, but you looooove some sweat potatoes and avocado. bananas hurt your tummy if they aren’t super ripe (if they aren’t mostly brown you’re). you especially like them with rice cereal.

If someone could figure out how to bottle your smile i’m pretty sure it could cure the world of pain. its just not possible to feel anything but pure joy when your face lights up, which is often. your babbles are just about the sweetest sound i’ve ever heard, although you’ve discovered the ability to create a hacking noise that sounds like a lawnmower that won’t turn over. Usually it indicates when you are becoming unhappy, but sometimes you use it as a fake cry since sure you know i don’t like that sound. it’s one of the glimpses i’m getting into your personality, most of which indicate you will be very strong willed child. we likely have many trials of stubbornness ahead of us, but even through the roughest of patches, one smile makes it all worth it.



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