Posted in March 2013

Dear Baz // 7 months

  Dear Sebastian, I keep hearing stories from parents with newborns who sleep through the night – even as early as one month old. This concept is completely foreign to me since the longest you’ve ever slept is probably 6 hours straight. On a good night you’re asleep by 8, up for a quick nosh … Continue reading

In sickness

After a fairly routine afternoon walk I drank a cup of water. My stomach instantly unsettled and felt as though the water was a pile of stones sitting firmly in my belly. Solid and heavy. I fought the idea of getting sick for several hours, but after the baby went to bed the thought and sight of food suddenly pushed me over the edge and I clung to the porcelain throne on and off for the rest of the night. Continue reading

Dear Baz // 6 Months

Dear Sebastian, As i write this you are napping (finally) in your stroller parked in our kitchen, after we took a nice long walk in the frosty chicago weather. generally speaking, you are not a good napper, but this ones creeping up over the 1 hour point so things are looking up. this morning was … Continue reading