suck on that, NYP.

i got a request, thanks to a facebook friend who i worked with in PR, to do a story on post-Sandy babies.  edgar and i had planned to try to conceive in October–it really had nothing to do with the hurricane. but the prospect of being in the papes, like the newsies say, was appealing, sort of.  everybody wants their moment in the sun, i suppose.  but then i found out the piece was for the new york post, a paper who ran a photo of the shark from finding nemo in their coverage of the recent blizzard (it was dubbed nemo).  a paper with a hot chick feature on page 3 (i think it’s page 3?).  a paper that was even now pitching a story about people passing the time by banging while the rockaways washed into the sea.  so i responded to their request:

Hi Kate,

No, we didn’t lose power.  We had some minor damage to our apartment in Astoria but were mostly unaffected.

Truthfully, as I’ve had some time to think about it, I’d rather not participate in an article for the Post.  While I have nothing against you personally, of course, I have been deeply offended by many stories and headlines the Post has run, from the photo of Ki Suk Han moments before his death, to the “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid” headline about Secretary of State Clinton.  I’d rather not be involved with a publication whose values are not my own.

Thanks again for your interest.  I wish you the best of luck with your story.


It’s worth mentioning that the columnist asked me, “Did you loose power?”  That misspelling alone kind of sealed the deal, but ethics also played a part.  Grammar, then ethics.

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