Doing stuff

It’s January in Chicago. It’s COLD. I’m home with a four month old baby. What do you do when you can’t really go out, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do while you’re in either? I’m resorting to watching too many movies and spending a lot of time on the internet while the baby naps. Of course I play with him, and feed him, and bath him, and all that takes up a significant portion of the day. But there are lulls when I feel like I should be doing more. Sometimes I resort to checking in with work, but that’s just because that is something I know how to do.

On mild days we will still go for walks, and run errands. But then there are days like today when its just too cold. I already cleaned the house and did all the laundry this weekend. I did a few other chores and ate breakfast when the baby first went down an hour ago. Now he is still napping but I’m sure he would wake up the second I tried to jump in the shower. So I feel stuck. Obviously I don’t have anything more interesting to write about or you wouldn’t be reading this post. I just feel like I’m missing something. Isn’t there something I could/should be doing right now? Is it just as simple as enjoying the fact that there isn’t anything I have to do? Good lord I have  a hard time being still.

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