Are we there yet?

On the last episode of Sara’s belly pics, we made it to 31 weeks. Well time has flown by my friends, and in the midst of the the hottest, driest summer in who knows how long, the little man has continued to grow. Thankfully we have air conditioning.

33 Weeks

On the train this week after someone kindly offered me a seat, the little guy in utero got started with his morning jabs. I almost don’t notice them anymore, or at least am able to go about doing other things without being entirely distracted by parts of my stomach poking outward. I rub my stomach where the movement is most active almost as an automatic response. As I look around I notice a girl sitting near me with headphones on starring at the alien like movements of my belly. Her smile is so big it’s almost a giggle, and her eyes are wide with awe.  Our eyes meet and we acknowledged each other with a nod. I imagine her saying “holy crap, there’s a baby moving inside you.” Yes indeed, there is a baby moving inside me. I love that he is bringing more smiles into the world even before his official arrival.

34 Weeks

Any fears of not having enough clothes for baby were completely set aside this week after a lovely friend offered us the hand me downs from her 5 month old twin boys. Yep, twins. Two babies worth of clothing. Everyone says you can never have too much, so I’m acting on that literally. It’s a wonderful variety of snap up onesies, pants and shirts, and just so much cuteness. We got home with bags and bags, and it was like the greatest baby shopping spree ever. I promptly sat down and started gushing over all the tiny adorable things. It wasn’t until I was completely surrounded by mounds of clothes on my couch that I realized I didn’t have an exit strategy and maybe should have just gone through the bags one at a time.  Thanks again Katherine!

35 Weeks

Recipe for a pregnant waddle:

Take 2 feet that have suddenly turned out like a ballerina in second position

Add a belly that sways from left to right with each step

Mix in arms that swing much more than usual
The result is about as attractive as you might imagine. If I concentrate on walking I can maybe eliminate one of the factors. But who has the brain power to concentrate on anything?

36 Weeks

We’re on the precipice of full term, which means that this baby will be pretty much fully cooked and ready to come out anytime in the next 1-5 weeks. Somewhere on the sooner side is starting to look mighty good. We’ve taken the classes, toured the maternity ward, set up the crib and bought the new car. I don’t know if we can really get any more ready than we are. We’re soaking up all the “just us” time we can, while eagerly anticipating the wonderful changes this boy will bring. I cannot wait to be a mama, or to watch Jason be a dad. I was a little freaked out by the idea of a boy at first, but now it seems a son is the perfect fit as our first child. The fact that I will have two boys to snuggle with and love is making me pretty insanely happy.

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