Moar Belly Pics

What? It’s been over a month since I posted pictures of my growing belly? I guess it’s time for a belly pic recap. Weeks 27-31 Edition.

27 weeks

Nesting is in full swing. Thanks to the worlds-most-successful-trip-to-Ikea-ever the nursery is coming together. The Ikea Gods must have been smiling on us even though it was a stormy day. Somehow we came out of there with 12920303984 pieces and ALMOST everything came together perfectly (one drawer had a wrong piece – an easy exchange at our leisure since Ikea is on our way to my in-laws). Both Jason and I were so giddy with the idea of buying stuff for our baby that we didn’t even get annoyed with each other or the other shoppers once. It was magical.

28 Weeks

By all pregnancy calendar accounts I am now in my 3rd trimester (pregnancy math is seriously weird folks – don’t let the “9 months” we were always told fool you). The books/websites all warn about the negative symptoms of the 1st trimester returning, and to that I offer a big NO THANK YOU. I feel great when I eat right, stretch a bit and at least get moving with a short walk around the ‘hood. Summer is coming and I have high hopes of floating in a pool as much as possible. Something tells me it’s going to be a hot one.

29 Weeks

The hunt is on for a new car. Our ’95 Jeep Grand Cherokee is pretty much on borrowed time, and I’d like a car that was made in this century to drive my baby around in. I don’t handle situations with salesmen very well, so talking to car dealers is not something I enjoy. My hands get clammy, and my ability to negotiate goes completely out the window.  Maybe it’s because test driving a new car reminds me of my driving test when I was 16 and I revert to the shy behavior of my youth. After trying out some Subaru’s we’re still looking. Maybe we’ll just bring this kid home in the Jeep after all.

30 Weeks

Less than 10 weeks to go! I think my face here pretty much says it all.

31 Weeks

Some of my Aunts threw a lovely shower for me in Michigan, so we’re now stocked with most of the new baby essentials. I alternate between feeling ready for this baby to be on the outside and “don’t you dare come out for another two months young man”. We still have big decisions to make like choosing a pediatrician, and narrowing down some day care choices, but I’m trying not to get too stressed out (cut to: me crying about how the pediatrician our neighbor recommended doesn’t work at the hospital we chose, therefore everything I’m doing is WRONG). Usually the logic part of my brain returns after a pep talk from J. I know we’ll figure things out.

My favorite time of day is at night when Jason sings to my belly, and tells baby to “stop kicking his mama so hard”. This kid is getting extra jabby.


I know you’re in there little man. You don’t need to keep reminding me (except that you do because when you don’t move around for a little while I start to worry that something happened in there). Let’s just focus on getting you a little fatter and then you can come out and say hi.

2 thoughts on “Moar Belly Pics

  1. Sara, you look great. It was so wonderful seeing you and Jason, Kim and Christine a few weeks ago. I know you folks are so excited to see the little guy. Sandy Bolema

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