gimme more (inspiration)

sar, you’ve been so good about posting here, and i’ve been terrible.  it’s partially because when i write, i’m even more apt to bear my soul than when speaking.  and that’s a lot.  and it’s not always conducive to a functioning adult life to commit to paper (er, interweb) every thought you have slipping through your head.  it’s like i only know how to talk about the utterly mundane (my feelings about rye triscuits [unbelievably amazing], nicki minaj [the fat-assed first horsewoman of the apocalypse]) or the intensely personal (my relationships with my family, therapy).  it’s hard for me to find a middle ground…which is also kind of a theme in my life.  i hate to think about an audience when i write.  which is kind of why i can never really be a writer.  when i read david sedaris’s essays or listen to an ani song, all i can think is “eesh, how did your dad feel about that one?”

that is one busted-ass weave.

so anyway, the point is, any suggestions for things to write about?  as i scan my brain for things, i come up with the following truly thrilling topics:

  • the show i watched on CNBC last night about costco
  • the possibility of moving back to michigan
  • rye triscuits (they’re on my desk–what do you want from me)
  • britney spears’ 2007 mental collapse
  • a listicle of names that i find inappropriate for pets

so, essentially, nothing.  any topic on which you’re just dying to hear my thoughts?  i’ll be waiting for your response with breath that is bated. xo

One thought on “gimme more (inspiration)

  1. Bring on the triscuit talk! I myself have a weakness for the olive oil and black pepper variety. Seriously though I would love to see posts from you about any topic you have in your head. Even the MOST mundane. Although i get the tendency to bear your sole, they don’t have to be heavy hitters. I MISSSS being able to just be with you talk about nothing and everything. Also I NEED to get my head out of all the serious thinking I’ve been doing lately (job stuff, parenting and havingababyomg) Pretend we were watching the CNBC show together. What would we have said to each other? Other welcome topics include: current favorite TV shows, names i should not use for my son, stuff you and edgar do on the weekends, when you are coming to visit Chicago:).

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