the cutest little hutch that never was

On Sunday J and I woke up bright and early and headed to the Kane County Flea market. It was a picture perfect summer day. Bright and sunny and warm – but not too hot. We prepared ourselves for several hours of wandering the many many vendors, picking through mounds of stuff we never knew we always wanted.

We went with a game plan. A list of a few things to help prepare our house for baby, and finish up some projects we’ve been putting off.  The thing about Jason and I whenever we go antiquing is that we always have a hard time pulling the trigger on bigger items. We talk ourselves out of more purchases than we make. I don’t know if it is because we’re unsure of if it is a good deal, if we just don’t know if we have the space, or if we’re afraid to barter. Maybe its the finality of buying something we can’t just return to a store if we decide we don’t like it. I usually head out with grand ideas of what we’ll find, but more often than not head home more ideas for projects than actual items.

One of the things we were looking for was a cabinet or bookshelf to replace a tiny old thing in our kitchen. I didn’t have a strong idea of what I was looking for but with most things like this I tell myself I’ll know it when I see it. So when my eyes came across this cute little thing I instantly headed its direction.

At first I glazed over the broken hardware and the warped bottom door. Hardware could be replaced and we could do something to fix the door. I loved the etched windows, and the combination of drawers and shelves. I loved that I hadn’t really seen anything like it before. It was a lot deeper than our current shelf, so I wasn’t quite sure how it would fit in our space but I LIKED it.

We decided to think about it for a bit, and within a 1/2 hour I knew I wanted to go back and buy it. I was excited to make it a project. To fix it up and make it our own. I was already picturing it in the kitchen of our condo, and even imaginary future homes. So we went back to make the big purchase., and that’s when we were confronted by a big old nasty “SOLD” written across the price tag.

My heart sank.

Of course when I was finally ready to make a purchase I actually knew I wanted someone else had already swooped in.

To keep it from ruining the rest of our day I re-convinced myself (and Jason) that it WASN’t perfect. That the project would never have turned out as perfect as it did in my mind. That now we knew what we wanted, we could start looking for european style cabinets that are similar.

It worked for the day. We managed to get a few other smaller items crossed off our list at the market, and then we spent the afternoon basking in the old-timey loveiness of a minor league baseball game.

But now when I’m home I look at the old bookshelf in our kitchen, and I am still so so sad.

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