The Weeks March On

Each week I think I’m big. But I keep getting bigger.  Pregnancy updates!

23 weeks

The return of the energy! Up until this week I pretty much wanted to spit on any woman who told me how much they “loved” being pregnant (including my mom). I’ll be honest, I missed wine. And also margaritas, and bourbon, and sushi. Somehow though as my energy returned I started to care less about what I can’t have while pregnant and focus more on enjoying what I won’t have once this baby is on the outside.  We probably won’t get to enjoy the carefree night life we did pre-baby until this kids future siblings go to college, so I’m enjoying the last few months of just us. The impromptu weeknight movie or dinner out. A quiet evening at home by myself. Long walks sans stroller. I’m also particularly enjoying the quiet moments I get where I can watch the seemingly alien movements under the surface of my skin.

24 weeks

I’m lucky to be sleeping well, but the pillow configuration it is taking to get me comfortable is a little intense. It also makes it awkward when I unknowingly adjust my position in the middle of the night. The other night I woke up to Jason asking me “what are you doing”. Apparently I was lying partially on my back, propped halfway up with pillows and one knee straight up in the air. The position caused him to assume I was awake. My reply was a hazy “I’m sleeping”. He’s agreed to just roll me the rest of the way over if that happens again.

25 weeks

Never the fan of constricting clothing, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe featured a fair amount of leggings and maxi dresses. I’m a little afraid of the spandex wasted jeans. You may notice in this photo that my husband failed to mention my underwear is showing. Since I can no longer see that portion of my body I’ve now developed the habit of checking a different panty line in the mirror before I leave the house. Some men just don’t understand.

26 weeks

The babies movements are becoming fierce. He knocks on my belly during the day as though to say “hi”.  I knock back so he knows I’m listening. At night if I rest a book or ipad on the belly he seems to want to knock it over. It can be quiet comical, although I’m a little worried about what his feats of strength will become in the next 14 weeks. My belly button is also caught in a war between innie and and outie. I’m betting that it will pop sometime in my 27th week. Anyone want to start a pool?

2 thoughts on “The Weeks March On

  1. Oh Sara you look wonderful. Can’t wait to see you at the big party for the folks. You have a great attitude. Go with the flow.

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