Posted in May 2012

Me and Myself

For too long I have looked for ways to “define” who I am externally.  How do I compare to that person? How do others perceive me? If I do this what will they think?  Subtly redirecting the light to show an image tainted by impressions. To many people I present the person I think they want me to be.  Interviewing … Continue reading

The Weeks March On

The Weeks March On

Each week I think I’m big. But I keep getting bigger.  Pregnancy updates! 23 weeks The return of the energy! Up until this week I pretty much wanted to spit on any woman who told me how much they “loved” being pregnant (including my mom). I’ll be honest, I missed wine. And also margaritas, and … Continue reading

Organic Matters

I went to an expectant parent meeting a few weeks ago that was called “Convert Me Baby”. The focus was on green parenting and learning about earth friendly products and methods and why they are better for your child. I’ve always been a bit of a hippie at heart, so I wasn’t necessarily going the … Continue reading

Songs make me miss you too

Dear Court, I was merrily on my way home from work on a somewhat cold but sunny Friday. My brain was reeling a little from a plethora of projects I’m working on, so I put down the magazine I was reading, figuring a pop psychology  wasn’t going to help me clear my head. Realizing I … Continue reading