Of a Decade

It’s no surprise to me that starting this project has me reflecting back on our college years. What does have me reeling a bit are the 10 year milestones that seem to keep coming at me like tennis balls from one of those automated machines. I was glad to put a decade between me and my high school years, since I don’t particularly like the person I was back then. But then other anniversaries starting coming up and got me thinking about everything that had NOT changed. I still live in Chicago, am married to the person I started dating freshmen year of college, even work at the same company. How has it been 10 years since all of those things got started?

It’s easy for me to look at those facts and start wondering what the heck it is I’ve been doing with my life. Wasn’t there something that I wanted to be? Did I derail or was I never on the right route?

Although it’s not like I’m still stuffing envelopes for $10 an hour at the company I started working at so long ago. I paid my dues.  Somehow the majority of management responsibilities fell into my hands, and luckily I (mostly) figured out what to do. But would I have risen to a similar level if I was working somewhere else?  And what if we actually did move to one of the other cities we talk about moving to?

When I really press myself to think about it though, I realize that even if those seemingly defining factors had changed I would still be the same person I am today. I need to get rid of my tendency to define myself heavily on superficial matters like my job. I am much more than what I do to make a living. So let’s start with some other things that I am (this feels vaguely like an exercise I did in a class one time).

I am:

  • loyal
  • nurturing
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a wife
  • a friend
  • a (soon-to-be) mom
  • a homebody
  • a cook
  • a foodie
  • a scooter enthusiast

It’s a start…

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